Food 4 Kids Summer Program 2017

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From the MatSu Food Bank:


The Food 4 Kids summer program of the MatSu Food Bank is off to a bang of a start! We’re serving free lunches to kids 18 and under.


The first week was cloudy, a little rainy and unseasonably cool, but we still served a surprising number of kids. Into the second and third week, the numbers have only increased. With sunny weather (even rain) the parks are being well used by all. We serve in these five locations Monday through Friday: Food Pantry of Wasilla, Newcomb Park, Carter Park, Wonderland Park and Iditapark.


A child cannot think about life lessons if they are hungry. All they can think about is where or when they are going to be able to eat next. The saying, ‘healthy bodies equal healthy minds,’ is true in more ways than we know (yes, I know it’s backward). One way we support healthy kids is through the Food 4 Kids program. And don’t forget the Country Legend’s 100.9 “Million Pennies” campaign to help the Food 4 Kids. For more information check out:


At the same time, the MatSu Food Bank has been preparing for the increasing tide of people who are hurting due to things such as the lack of a budget for the State of Alaska (could be taxes and PFDs smaller), to layoffs and general fears of what will happen at the Federal level with health care and reductions in SNAP benefits (formerly Food Stamps). People are trying to budget for the unknown. That is difficult in the best of times.


We are seeing an increase almost daily of families that are having problems making ends meet while some are holding two jobs. This is early in the summer seasonal jobs, so it is not a good trend.


It is somehow odd that our society gives more to animal care before we give to our own neighbors who don’t have enough to eat.


Here in the MatSu Borough, we have people who want to cut what little funding we currently have by thinking they are saving millions for the local government. This is not always true. We are talking less than $500,000 that consists of State and Borough matching monies to cover as many as 35 agencies that apply for a small part of this money. Not all agencies qualify for any of this funding.


There are foundations that pick various areas of current concerns to fund, but ongoing donations must come from corporate sponsors, various organizations such as churches or civic organizations and especially from you, the individual.


We rely strongly on your monetary donations to keep our doors open to give out free food. It doesn’t always make sense to people, but we must collect, transport, store and distribute the food collected and that requires operating capital. The MatSu Food Bank helps smaller agencies too that may not be able to collect, transport, or store food which we do not charge fees to handle any of these food donations. The MatSu Food Bank absorbs these costs with your generous help.


With the harder times, we are trying to prepare for the swell of those in need and ask for your help. Please donate any amount you can, knowing it is helping multiple people who need “a hand up, not a handout.”


Contact us at: 907-357-3769

Visit the MatSu Food Bank at: 501 E Bogard Wasilla, AK 99654

See our site at to donate and check out the volunteer information while you’re there.


You can make a one-time donation or a sustaining ongoing monthly contribution in an amount you feel is comfortable for your budget. Every dollar helps.

Won’t you please help? Vote for your community by spending and supporting locally.


Thank you for supporting your local community.


Eddie Ezelle

Executive Director

Newcomb Park

Volunteers Needed!

Food 4 Kids starts on 5/22. We need volunteers to prepare and serve lunches Monday through Friday.


We need baggers to come in around 9am to help bag the 200+ lunches for that day. We can use preppers as well to help make sandwiches, fill fruit cups, etc, and these volunteers will need a food workers card which can be obtained online for $10.00 (baggers do not need this card).


We will also need volunteers to serve lunches at Newcomb Park from noon to 1:30 each day. One can volunteer for one day a week or five.


Also looking for volunteers to work at Carter Park. This person will be working alone and will need a reliable vehicle that can hold a folding table and food. This park serves from 12-1. Again the volunteer can choose how many and what days they can help.


Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Trudi at 357-3769.

Please help us by not dropping non-food items at our location!

Please note that we serve FOOD. We do not take things as pictured. No mattresses, furniture or other objects that are non-food.
This causes problems and costs the organization money because we have to dispose of these items using resources that could have helped collect and distribute more food.

Please help us by not dropping non-food items at our location. Dispose of items responsibly.

Thank you,
The MatSu Food Bank